We are Premier League!

Hi all,

So we survived the organised chaos of June and July with some very exciting news to bring.

The Summer months have historically been quieter parts of the year for Lubas Medical. We tend to use this time to develop certain areas of the business. This year, however, has been very different! Following on from our previous month's announcements that we had moved offices and were providing Paramedic Support to Da Vinci's Demon's, We can now reveal arguably our biggest announcement of the year...

Lubas Medical are now official suppliers of Paramedic Support to Cardiff City Football Club!

We have covered FA Cup Finals, Football League Playoff Finals, Rugby World Cups, International Rugby, Football and Cricket, and now we can finally add Cardiff City and the Premier League to our repertoire. We have worked with the staff at the football club for a number of years providing Sports trauma and first aid courses, and it is now our privilege to be able to provide the pitchside Paramedic Support in such a historic year for the club. 

So keep your eyes peeled for the Lubas Medical team on Match of the Day!

We have also been busy marking up our vehicles and bringing in a new ambulance for the Paramedic Support side of things. The current ambulance will spend most of its time at the Cardiff City Stadium whilst the 4x4 response vehicle out and about on various sets. They will soon both be marked with the Lubas Medical logo and will both be available to view on Facebook and Twitter.

The start of August also brought us an event we'd never been involved in before. The 2.8 hours later Zombie Invasion! We sent 4 first aiders on bikes to cover the injuries of members of the public being chased by the undead! The event went very smoothly and we very much enjoyed being a part of it.

That's part of the beauty of working at Lubas Medical, you never know what the next day will bring!!

So that's you all up to date until next month. By the next time we speak to you, we will have covered our first ever Premier League fixture. Let's hope we're a good luck omen!!

Good Luck Cardiff!

Lubas Medical

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