The perfect solution to a missed CPD session

We know how frustrating it is to miss your annual dental or GP CPR session. As a member of staff, it means a hole in your personal development. For a practice manager, it creates a huge headache trying to organise an entire CPR or First Aid session just for one or two staff members.

We've created the perfect solution. Whether you're a practice manager trying to arrange staff training or a clinician looking for those extra CPD points, we have the courses for you. We have now added a new area to our website where you can book in on regular CPD session on a whole host of relevant subjects.

The sessions are run from our training suite at Pinewood studios in Cardiff at a variety of different times to suit your busy schedule.

We are looking to expand the number of courses and vary the subject matter as much as possible, whilst also running a regular session on the most popular topics.

If you can't find the course you're looking for, please contact us as it's your suggestions and ideas that usually end up on the course list!

For more information visit the 'CPD Drop-in sessions' page on our site.

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