An update to our FASE 1 course!

Our new & improved FASE 1 course brings First Aid for Sport & Exercise to the palm of your hand!

We've reviewed and upgraded our FASE 1 course to make it even more accessible by utilising online content. Here are some of the changes you can expect to see.

Blended Learning

FASE 1 is now our first blended learning course. This means it's split into 50% online theory & 50% practical, scenario based training.

So you can learn the course theory online, in your own time before attending the practical session. 3 hours online & 3 hours practical.

Refresh Your Skills

We always recommend annual refresher training after FASE 1 courses (as recommended by the Resuscitation Council UK). Now you can refresh your skills at any time using the FASE 1 online module.

Video scenarios based on your practical training gives you a familiar training experience. Online training is taught by instructors from our practical course to give you consistency throughout.

More Content to Follow

FASE 1 is the first module of our up coming online training library. You will soon be able to access various levels of CPD training.

We'll be releasing previews via our Lubas Online website and social media platforms.

Let us know what you think!

Online Training - The Future's Bright

Making the most of online medical training

With recent advances in technology, there've been various debates about online vs face-to-face training.

Here's a few points that'll help you get the most out of learning online, & why you don't have to choose between the 2

1. Training in the palm of your hand

The greatest benefit of learning online is quick accessibility on the go.

Woman using Phone

We all consume huge volumes of (mostly useless!) information through our phones. Medical training via your mobile gives you access to information, updates & skills that improve your knowledge.

You can advance your CPD, remind yourself of a specific skill & test your knowledge right in the palm of your hand.

2. Personalised training

An online learning library offers you the chance to pick & choose the medical training & CPD that suits you. You can home in on the specific areas & levels that fit your needs. This creates a personalised training package just for you.

3. Up Skill

Online training offers you the chance to increase your skills & knowledge very quickly. Certain skills require physical practice & face-to-face learning. But there are elements of theory & video examples/scenarios you can use to refresh your knowledge. You can “up skill” your previous learning to prepare you for your next course.

4. Best of both worlds

We recommend using online medical training to enhance your practical learning (blended learning).

Pan using Laptop

Nothing gets you ready for the real thing like real-life, scenario based practical training. Learning online shouldn’t replace your face-to-face learning. It should give you support before, during and certainly after your practical courses.

See online training as your interactive manual or guide that you can refer to & test yourself with.

You can benefit greatly from using online learning for medical training and first aid. But combining it with practical training will really enhance your skills & confidence.

We’ve recently updated the format to our First Aid for Sport & Exercise 1 course. To find out more about the new format

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