Lubas Medical – Unit medic vacancy

Posted by: Lubas Medical on 25th April 2019

Lubas is a family run business based in Cardiff. We provide an array of Medical Training, Event & Production Staff and services that suit a range of needs.

We love what we do and are a constantly growing and evolving family of staff. We’re always looking to improve and innovate in the way we deliver our services.

We are looking for a new Unit Medic to add to our vibrant and ever-growing team. We want applicants who are hungry to learn more and develop both themselves, and the company, and embrace the Lubas Medical culture. The role is for temporary, fixed term, full-time employment.

Lubas Medical Unit Medic Job Description & Specification

Job Description

Lubas are offering the rare opportunity to for you to use your medical skills in a sociable and creative environment.

The Lubas Unit Medic role will primarily consist of providing medical care and assistance, consultancy and aid on set (Productions).

We pride ourselves on our flexible services to suit each different production. We have built up many long-standing relationships by offering an adaptable, professional and friendly approach that all our medics are expected to project when representing Lubas.

Job Specification

Prospective applicants should understand that the Unit Medic role requires the following specification:



If you are interested in applying, please forward your most recent CV to info@lubasmedical.com

Application closing date: 3rd May 2019.