Lubas Medical provides medical support and staff for film sets and stages

Lubas has vast experience of providing unit medics, Nurses & Paramedic cover for TV & Film productions both in studio and on location. Based at Pinewood Studio Wales, we boast over 15 years’ experience directly from the heart of filming in Wales.

Our Film & TV Coordinators are trained to fully understand your needs before production begins and maintain total communication from start to finish. We offer a full range of professional medical services for TV & Film. All Lubas medics are trained to advanced first aid level as a minimum and unit medics are always qualified nurses or Emergency Medical Technicians.

Lubas Medical provide first aid courses to help film sets run to guidelines and ensure safety
A Lubas Medical response vehicle on location at event

We are able to supply fully equipped ambulances crewed with HCPC (Health & Care Professionals Council) registered Paramedics that cater for every type of production. We have a unique delivery that ensures our medics not only engage and interact with crew, cast and production, but actually become part of your team.

Our additional services include Doctors, Physios and Dentists to ensure your cast and crew are safe and healthy throughout the shoot. We will help you choose from our fleet of ambulances, Rapid Response Vehicles and cars to ensure requirements for each day of your productions are met.

People we’ve worked with

Discovery of Witches, His Dark Materials, Sherlock, Torchwood, Casualty, Will, Show Dogs, Journeys End, Da Vinci’s Demons, Bastard Executioner, Born to kill, Britannia, The Collection, Pobol y Cwm, The Long walk, Ordinary lies: series 2, Bad Education The Movie, Dr Who.

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