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FREC 4 – First Response Emergency<br> Care Level 4<br>–<br>If you book onto one of our courses and <br>it has to be cancelled due to Covid-19, we will offer free transfers that will be valid for a year.

Looking to develop your skills? Or looking to progress in a career in pre-hospital care? FREC level 4 will provide you with the knowledge, skills and competencies to deal with a wide range of prehospital care emergencies. It can also be used as a doorway to higher level pre-hospital care training.

Who should Attend

  • People who have a responsibility to provide prehospital care to patients.
  • Individuals looking to progress their careers within the NHS or Private Ambulance Service.
  • People looking to work within specialist roles within the military, police and fire service.
  • Individuals looking to progress to higher-level training (including registration as a Paramedic).

This course will provide you with advanced first aid skills and the confidence to administer treatment when necessary.

What are the entry requirements?

• All Learners must be at least 18 years old and possess reasonable numeracy and literacy skills.
• Learners MUST have successfully completed the QA Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care qualification or a QA recognised equivalent.

What will I learn?

Here’s a breakdown of the FREC 4 course’s content:

• Initial patient assessment.
• Physiological observations.
• Anatomy and Physiology.
• Heart disease.
• Electrocardiogram (ECG) application and monitoring.
• Managing a patient’s airway – supraglottic airways.
• Medical gasses – including dosages and administration.
• Thoracic Trauma.
• Sepsis.
• Maternity Care.
• Respiratory disorders and infections.
• Mechanisms of injury and kinetics.
• Triage.
• Full body and limb immobilisation.
• Sexual assault.
• Major Incidents.
• Psychosocial development in children.
• Emergency care for sick and injured children.
• Mental health crisis.
• Assisting the clinician with clinical interventions.

How will I be assessed?

During the course you will undertake:

• Practical assessments
• Skills tests
• Invigilated exam
• Workbook assignments

What qualification will I receive?

Upon completion of this course, you will be awarded the Qualsafe/Lubas Medical FREC Level 4 Certificate endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh. This qualification will be valid while the learner maintains a CPD portfolio and has attended annual refresher training. This should include CPR/AED and life-threatening injury/illness e.g. an ILS course.

How can I Progress?

FREC L4 qualification may be used towards other qualifications at the same and higher levels, plus aid career progression in a relevant profession.

How Long is the course?

FREC L4 is taught over 39 hours spread over 5 days. You will also be required to complete 141 hours of self-directed learning.

How Can I achieve my self-directed learning?

You will be expected to complete 118 hours of evidenced self-directed learning. This can be made up of various elements including:

You will be expected to complete 141 hours of evidenced self-directed learning. This can be made up of various elements including:
• Pre-course reading.
• Further reading on topics relevant to the course.
• Working/volunteering in a pre-hospital care role.
• Assignment completion (mandatory).

Is there any recommended pre-course reading?

We advise that you complete approximately 20 hours of pre-course reading from the following texts:

    • • Ambulance Care Practice, 1st edition by Richard Pilbery and Kris Lethbridge.
    • • Foundation Material for Prehospital Care by Faculty of Prehospital Care, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.
    • • Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness, 12th edition by Ross and Wilson.
    • UK Ambulance Services Clinical Practice Guidelines 2019 by JRCALC, AACE and University of Warwick (this is available as an app with subscription).

Once booked on to a course we will advise you on the areas where you should focus your study.
These books will be available for you to borrow during your 5 days with us.

FREC 4 – First Response Emergency
Care Level 4

If you book onto one of our courses and
it has to be cancelled due to Covid-19, we will offer free transfers that will be valid for a year.

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