Important COVID-19 update!

Due to the unprecedented impact COVID-19 is having on all of us, we have been left with no option but to suspend training until further notice.

As a medical training provider, we have a responsibility to do our part in reducing the risk of spreading the virus. This means reducing the number of customers we come into contact with.
We will honour all bookings that are already made and inform everyone individually with new dates once we re-open as normal.
We would like to offer huge thanks to all our customers, who’s understanding has been fantastic through this difficult time for us all.
While everyone works through their own difficult situations, we are implementing the following to help where we can:
A downloadable, PDF copy of the Sports Trauma Management manual for those who are already booked on to suspended courses. (This will be e-mailed automatically to everyone who has booked on to any of our outstanding courses).
We will be working to release CPD and online training across our social media platforms while face to face training is suspended.
We will be reducing prices for our full online courses via
If you need to contact us, we will be available via the following:
Twitter: @lubasmedical
Facebook: /lubasmedical
We will respond to posts/direct messages/messenger as soon as possible.
We will continue to update our customers through social media and again, would like to thank you all for the continuing support you show us.

Paul, Chris and the whole team at Lubas Medical.

Lubas Medical Training Officer

Lubas is a family run business based in Cardiff. We provide an array of Medical Training, Event & Production Staff and services that suit a range of needs.

We love what we do and are a constantly growing and evolving family of staff. We’re always looking to improve and innovate in the way we deliver our services.

We are looking for a new Training Officer to add to our vibrant and ever-growing team. We want applicants who are hungry to learn more and develop both themselves, and the company, and embrace the Lubas Medical culture.

Lubas Medical Training Officer – Job Role and Specification

Role: Training Officer

Salary: Starting rate of £25000 per annum (pro-rata)

Location: Lubas Medical, Pinewood Studio Wales, Cardiff

Hours: 24 hours per week (days will vary and may include some weekends & evenings)

trainer teaching CPR at a dental practice,.


Job Description

The Lubas Medical Training Officer role will primarily consist of teaching a variety of courses from basic level first aid, Basic Life Support, CPR, Automated External Defibrillation and Medical Emergencies in GP surgeries and dental practices.

Training Officers will also teach Lubas Medical First Aid for Sport & Exercise (Level 1 & 2) and Sports Trauma Management courses for healthcare professionals in sport.

We pride ourselves on our unique, effective delivery of training that is evident in all our courses. We have an adaptable, flexible, professional and friendly approach that all our instructors are expected to project while teaching.

Prospective applicants should understand that the Training Officer role requires the following specification:



If you are interested in applying for this post, please send your C.V. and covering letter via email to by the 13th of March.

Online Training - The Future's Bright

Making the most of online medical training

With recent advances in technology, there've been various debates about online vs face-to-face training.

Here's a few points that'll help you get the most out of learning online, & why you don't have to choose between the 2

1. Training in the palm of your hand

The greatest benefit of learning online is quick accessibility on the go.

Woman using Phone

We all consume huge volumes of (mostly useless!) information through our phones. Medical training via your mobile gives you access to information, updates & skills that improve your knowledge.

You can advance your CPD, remind yourself of a specific skill & test your knowledge right in the palm of your hand.

2. Personalised training

An online learning library offers you the chance to pick & choose the medical training & CPD that suits you. You can home in on the specific areas & levels that fit your needs. This creates a personalised training package just for you.

3. Up Skill

Online training offers you the chance to increase your skills & knowledge very quickly. Certain skills require physical practice & face-to-face learning. But there are elements of theory & video examples/scenarios you can use to refresh your knowledge. You can “up skill” your previous learning to prepare you for your next course.

4. Best of both worlds

We recommend using online medical training to enhance your practical learning (blended learning).

Pan using Laptop

Nothing gets you ready for the real thing like real-life, scenario based practical training. Learning online shouldn’t replace your face-to-face learning. It should give you support before, during and certainly after your practical courses.

See online training as your interactive manual or guide that you can refer to & test yourself with.

You can benefit greatly from using online learning for medical training and first aid. But combining it with practical training will really enhance your skills & confidence.

We’ve recently updated the format to our First Aid for Sport & Exercise 1 course. To find out more about the new format

The Importance of Checking the Airway

This blog reminds us of the importance of running through a simple, structured approach when managing an unconscious casualty. It can happen at any time – not just in work!

The structured approach was used by Lynnette Marshall, a dental nurse from Pontcanna Dental Care, Cardiff, to save the life of a lady on a bus. She had attended her annual CPR update training only weeks prior. This example focuses primarily on the importance of checking (or clearing) an airway.

Lynnette was on her way home from work on the bus where she noticed some commotion from the seats opposite. Another passenger was becoming distressed whilst trying to rouse their relative who had apparently lost consciousness.

Adopting the “D.R.A.B.C.D.E” approach, Lynnette recognised that the situation was dangerous due to the moving bus. She immediately alerted the driver to the situation. He ensured the bus was stopped and all other passengers were asked to get off.

Lynnette then tried to see if the lady was responsive, she was not. With the help of another passenger Lynnette was able to get the casualty onto the floor where she could carry out the rest of her assessment.

She then assessed the casualty’s airway. She couldn’t see any fluid or blockage. Recognising that the tongue could still be causing a problem, she used the “head tilt – chin lift” technique to move the casualty’s tongue off the back of the airway. With this the casualty took a deep breath, started breathing normally and the colour returned to her face. She soon regained consciousness just before the Paramedics arrived.


By assessing for danger, response and airway in a structured approach, Lynette prevented further injury to her and anyone else trying to help.

By using the “head tilt chin lift” technique, Lynette prevented unnecessary CPR. Had she not assessed and opened the casualty’s airway, the casualty would have continued to be unable to breathe and would have required CPR.

Lynnette later said that during this situation she reverted to her training without thinking about it too much. It was only after the event that she felt ‘shaky’ as the enormity of what happened became apparent.

There is no doubt that a life was saved on the bus that day. Well done Lynnette!

This example shows how the simplest techniques, when used effectively, make all the difference. The need for regular training (as provided to Lynette by her employer) in first aid and basic life support should not be underestimated. These situations can arise at any time so make sure you’re prepared!

Many thanks to Lynette Marshall and Pontcanna Dental Dare for giving us permission to use the above information in our blog. 

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