New Business

We work all over the world and continue to enjoy meeting new people and building strong relationships. Our personal and open approach to new projects allows for us to create something unique and enjoyable.

From small to large organisations, we continue to offer world class advice that is continually developing through our new and existing strong relationships. If you would like to work with us, we would love to hear from you.

New Careers

We love to help develop the workers of tomorrow. We meet a huge number of students and young people within sport and medicine. This gives us opportunities to offer shadowing, work and experience to students and attendees from our range of courses.

We love helping others and are very proud of the attitude and commitment our staff show in assisting people often unrelated to Lubas to reach their potential. If you are looking for some extra experience or are even interested in working for or with Lubas, please contact us for a chat!

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Email: info@lubasmedical.com