CPR, AED and Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice

Designed to provide in-practice adult and paediatric basic life support training, for the whole dental team, meeting the current guidelines of the Resuscitation Council (UK) and General Dental Council.

Lubas’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training sessions ensure you can provide the best possible treatment and care for your patients. Our Resuscitation Officers are medical professionals that have dealt with real-life emergencies that will relate to your dental practice.

We have over 20 years experience providing this course to both private and NHS dental practices.

Through interactive, practical training, this course fulfils your mandatory enhanced CPD requirements for CPR, AED and medical emergencies. This course is quality assured, maps to the GDC development outcome A and C and meets the GDC’s educational criteria for 3 hours of verifiable CPD.

Learn the current Resuscitation Council guidelines for the management of cardiac arrest, the use of an automated external defibrillator and the correct management of common medical emergencies.

As part of the service, we also help you review your medical equipment and provide valuable advice and support, ensuring you are fully prepared to manage a medical emergency in your surgery.

Who Should Attend

Our CPR & Medical Emergencies course is relevant for all members of dental practice staff. We include team practice in the response to a medical emergency and review your practice emergency drugs and equipment.

Duration of the Course

The course provides 3 hours of enhanced CPD

Course Content

  • Demonstrate the primary survey of a collapsed adult and child using the DRABCDE approach, while ensuring the safety of staff and patients
  • Demonstrate effective Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation and safe use of an Automated External Defibrillator on an adult and a child
  • Demonstrate the use of basic airway adjuncts, pocket mask, supplemental oxygen and self-inflating bag and mask
  • Be aware of the recognition and management of common medical emergencies including choking
  • Be aware of the management of anaphylaxis


You will receive a certificate confirming completion of this course, it has been quality assured and meets the GDC’s educational criteria for 3 hours of verifiable CPD.
This activity maps to GDC Development outcome A and C.


"Lubas have been commissioned by this department to provide in-practice Medical Emergencies & Resuscitation Training for the dental practice team for over 15 years. Lubas is a reliable provider, always keen to develop and enhance the sessions and the delivery of Medical Emergencies & Resuscitation training.

The feedback and evaluation from the training provided is always excellent and much appreciated by the dental teams."  - Ann Rockey, Former Deputy Director Dental Postgraduate Education in Wales

CPR, AED and Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice

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