Wound Management

Wound Management | Suturing Techniques | Wound Closure

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Wound Management

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Wound Management | Suturing Techniques | Wound Closure

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Bishop’s Stortford RFC (CM23 2QE), Seren Stiwdios Wales, Cardiff, CF3 2GH, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff (CF11 9XR), Mercure Cardiff North (CF23 9XF)

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02/08/2024, 06/12/2024, 22/03/2024

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16.30, 17:30

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Our Wound Management & Suturing course will give you all you need to sharpen your skills & confidence when dealing with open wounds in sport.

Designed to teach you how to assess, manage and select the appropriate wound closure technique for a variety of traumatic wounds.

Instructors are specialist doctors and advanced practitioners that use their own experiences in providing an interactive and engaging delivery.

You will be guided through practising your skills in suturing, stapling and glueing, combined with essential theory to ensure you know when “in-field” suturing is appropriate.

Attendees always enjoy practical work with lifelike specimens that give you true to life training with high-quality sutures and equipment. Let us help you with the follow-up and referral procedures, along with total clarity on the legal issues and full confidence when suturing.

You’ve no doubt found it hard (and expensive!) to fully kit out your suture bag. Saving you time and money, you can purchase the Wound Management & Suture kit bag on the course too. Filled with the equipment you’ve practised with, it contains all you need to confidently manage wounds in the field.

‘Wound Management & Suturing Training’ is one of our most popular courses so book now and add this essential tool to add to your sports trauma skillset.

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  • Who Should Attend?

    If you are responsible for the management of wounds in sport, this course is for you. Engaging content and delivery is primarily aimed at:

    • Doctors
    • Physiotherapists
    • Paramedics
    • Nurses and any Health Professional working in sport.

  • What Will I Learn?

    Our Wound Management and Suturing course will provide you with:

    • Specialist instructors that are all doctors or nurse practitioners with everyday experience in suturing.
    • Hands-on practice on lifelike specimens with sutures, staples and glue.
    • The knowledge required to identify and differentiate between serious and minor wounds.
    • Total clarification on legal and safety issues when suturing.
    • Alternative wound closure techniques including staples and glue.
    • Appropriate selection of sutures, needles and equipment for each type of wound.
    • The ability to identify wounds which are appropriate for closure ‘in the field’ and which are not.
    • The skills necessary to identify wounds requiring specialist treatment.
    • The correct preparation for suturing simple cuts.
    • Guidance in implementing correct follow-up and referral procedures.
    • Basic wound assessment techniques.
    • 7 hours Continual Professional Development (CPD)

    Courses are run over one day (7 hours)

  • What Qualification Will I Get?

    On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Lubas Medical Wound management and suturing certificate.

  • Wound Management Kit Contents

    • 3 x Suture removal kit
    • 2 x Staple gun + remover
    • 3 x Small/medium/large latex medical gloves
    • 2 x SkinLink Wound Closure Strips
    • 2 x Topical skin adhesive 0.5g
    • 3 x Standard suture pack (containing; 1 x Treves forceps 13cm, 1 x Iris stitch scissors 11.5 cm, 1 x Kilner needle holder cm, 1 x T.O.E dissecting forceps 13 cm)
    • 3 x 20 ml Normal Saline solution
    • 1 x Sharps box
    • 3 x Clinical waste bag
    • 3 x Sterile non-absorbable suture and needle size 3.0
    • 3 x Sterile non-absorbable suture and needle size 4.0
    • A training kit to practice your suturing skills. (contains; 2 x 4.0 sutures, 1 x 3.0 suture, Soft leather sponge and standard suture pack)
    • 3 x Wound Closure Forms

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“I loved the hands on activities that were relevant to working in the field. There was lots more practical than just theory with great tutorials & demos. Feedback & guidance were given throughout.”

“Having the majority of the day to practice the skills was extremely beneficial. I was able to explore different techniques and work on my own way of suturing”

“Very relaxed environment. The course was very easy to understand and very enjoyable”

We are Lubas. Lubas was created by Paramedic Paul Lubas & is run by him and his son, Chris. Here’s a bit more on our history.
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