CPR Training Can Save Lives!

Posted by: Lubas Medical on 13th March 2014

There’s a story on the Sky News website today, and it really drives home the difference that CPR training can make. During a US Airways flight from Florida to Arizona, a young baby suffered a seizure and stopped breathing. The report suggests that the infant “turned purple” due to a lack of air; the pilots arranged an emergency landing in Houston, but the child’s chances of survival would have been fairly slim were it not for one passenger in particular.

As luck would have it, Garrett Goodwin – a professional CPR instructor – was on board when the child stopped breathing. In the Sky News article, Mr Goodwin explains the techniques he administered to save the young boy’s life: chest compressions, clearing the airways, rescue breathing and stimulation. It’s a surprisingly simple process, but it can (and frequently does) make a huge difference.

Happily, the procedure worked, and we can only assume that the whole cabin breathed a huge sigh of relief when the baby woke up crying. Without that one man and his resuscitation training, the story could easily have ended in tragedy. It just goes to prove what we’ve said all along: CPR, a technique that takes mere hours, to learn, can save lives in a very real sense.

If you’re interested in learning the techniques that saved this baby boy’s life, you’re in luck. Our next CPR course will take place on the 31st of March at our facilities in Cardiff – click here for further details. Not only will we teach you to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, we’ll also explain how to use an automated external defibrillator (this can save lives in the event of cardiac arrest).

Our CPR/AED course is only two hours long, and the cost is a mere £30 per person. It’s not a lot, and if you ever find yourself in the same situation as Garrett Goodwin, it could be enough to save a life. Book your place now!