First Aid and CPR Training for Dentists

Posted by: Lubas Medical on 20th March 2014

All medical professionals should be acquainted with basic emergency procedures like CPR, and that includes dental staff. It’s important for dentists and dental hygienists to know how to react to a medical emergency – that’s why we provide a selection of training courses for dental staff who want to learn about CPR and other lifesaving techniques.

Now, we do our best to be flexible here at Lubas, and in addition to the standard courses listed on our website, we frequently deliver bespoke training courses to suit the needs of our clients. Dentistry is an excellent example; we can send one of our professional training providers to your clinic to deliver a comprehensive first aid/CPR training package, ensuring that all staff members are up to speed on the latest first aid and resuscitation techniques.

Our courses cover a wide array of important information. We’ll touch on all the latest guidelines, show you how to safely administer a range of emergency lifesaving techniques, and ensure that all legal requirements are fulfilled along the way. You’ll also have ample opportunity to practice the various techniques that we teach.

If you’re interested in booking a joint first aid and CPR training package, get in touch with Lubas today and we’ll see what we can do for you!