Keeping your sports trauma skills up to date

Posted by: Lubas Medical on 23rd May 2016

What’s the problem?

 Developing the skills and knowledge to manage traumatic sports injuries is something that comes with real-life experience, practice and dealing with emergencies first hand. As professionals working in sport, we would never wish serious traumatic injuries upon any of the players we care for, but this causes a paradox in that how do we learn to manage these incidents if they do not occur regularly, if indeed at all? 

The Lubas Medical Sports Trauma Management course has been one method of preparing health care professionals for the eventuality of traumatic injuries in sport for over 15 years. A current Sports Trauma Management qualification is valid for three years, but after only a short period of time, it is easy to forget the details of how to identify and effectively manage a range of complex, or potentially life-threatening, injuries. 

What’s the solution?

 As a healthcare professional it is your responsibility to keep your knowledge and skills up to date. Lubas Medical is now offering a new STM refresher course to run alongside our Sports Trauma Management course to enable you to do this. The one-day refresher course is an excellent opportunity for anyone who has completed the STM course within the previous 1-2 years to refresh and update skills and knowledge that may have been lost over time. 

One day Sports Trauma Management Refresher

This new refresher course is advised, as a best practice, to be completed between 12-18 months of your STM qualification, and recaps the fundamental skills and knowledge previously learnt. 

Taking a different approach!

This new 1 day STM refresher course will provide you with a current CPR + AED qualification. This falls in line with current Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines that advise healthcare professionals to update their CPR + AED training at least annually. In addition to this, the one-day STM refresher course will focus on scenario-based learning, hands-on clinical skills and practical demonstrations covering traumatic injuries such as: 

There will be no change to the frequency of attendance on the 2 day STM course which will still need to be completed every 3 years to remain STM qualified. Lubas Medical hope that this one-day STM refresher will give those who cover sport the added practical experience to manage traumatic sports injuries safely and confidently, in between their 3 yearly STM requalification period.  

Please follow the link for more information regarding the course or get in contact with us via email or phone.