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Lubas Medical at the Six Nations

Posted by: Lubas Medical on 29th January 2014

The RBS Six Nations Championship starts this weekend, and the first fixture of the 2014 tournament will be taking place right here in Cardiff. The Welsh rugby team will face Italy at the Millennium Stadium on Saturday, and once again, the Lubas Medical team will be right there with them!

Now, don’t get us wrong – we’re colossal rugby fans here at Lubas, but as with any full-contact sport, it’s awfully easy for players to get injured out there on the pitch. And that’s where we come in; four of our expert paramedics will be pitch-side at every Welsh home game throughout the competition. If one of the boys in red should happen to sustain a traumatic injury, we’ll be there to make sure it’s not too serious.

So here are the games we’ll be there for:

Obviously, we’re hoping to witness a trio of emphatic victories for the dragons – fingers crossed, eh?

Lubas Medical’s role in rugby matches

The Welsh Rugby Union employs its own medical team to administer general first aid, and while we do assist them in several capacities, we’re mainly there to deal with more serious injuries. If something gets fractured, or if a player gets knocked unconscious, that’s when we rush onto the pitch. We also handle neck injuries, which can, of course, be life-threatening without quick and proper treatment.

In the event of a casualty, we administer immediate treatment on the pitch as necessary before carrying the player to the Millennium Stadium’s medical room. Here, we carry out a proper assessment of their injury, and if needs be, we’ll send them to A&E in one of the onsite ambulances.

So that’s what we’ll be doing over the coming weeks. We hopefully won’t have to do it too often, but whatever happens, we hope that the Welsh players feel a little safer with the Lubas paramedics waiting in the wings!